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April 1, 2012

~ Marinate, Parinate ~

Hey awesome readers!

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A few days ago I creates this amazing chicken which had the most awesome flavour. It was really quite simple, and so I have decided to share it with you. All you need, depending on the about of mouths to feed, is four chicken breasts. Depending on the amount of flavour wanted, 2-3 limes, some saffron, and some almond chaffing.

So, the day before you wish to demolish this amazing recipe, you get out a bowl, preferably a glass bowl, but plastics alright, my mum didn\'t like it because we use it for baking stuff, but . . Anyways . .

Put the chicken out on a chopping board and poke holes all through it with whatever. Then put it in the bowl with the lime skin and juice. Turn the chicken over and over a couple of times, and add a teaspoon of saffron. Then place the bowl in the fridge. You can then turn the chicken over again every time you go past the fridge.

The next day brown the almonds in a pan. Then cook the chicken, add abut of honey to the marinade, add pour that over the chicken when nearly cooked. Wala, beautiful, flavoursome chicken:)

Have fun cooking peoples!

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