“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

July 31, 2012

~ Fish Swam ~

The fish swam out into the sea,
Because the whale thought that it was free.
How on earth the dolphin thought it could be,
That something so small could take to see.

Back to the tale, not the scenery,
The fish swam fast, to save it's own victory.
Little had the whale the knowledge, 
This teeny fish which was not plain plankton,
But the next heir to the throne. 

Recently my family bought a TV card which allows you to watch eight pre-paid channels, plus a surprise channel, per month for one year. We can change the channels every month, so we can change what we watch:D Not to be the author of TV destruction, but how do we know that what we watch is actually worthy of wasting at least 30 minutes of our time? Maybe so, for Downton Abbey and various others, but what about the Olympic games? Will you really look back and think, what a wonderful thing to spend my last few days of summer doing? If so, then don't bother reading this post.. Haha, you already have;)

Why is it so that silver is not good enough for Australia? I mean, yes. Gold would have been awesome. But is silver not enough? Silver would be fine for me:)

Olympic Games Facts

  • London has held the Olympics three times already 
  • Britain's first Olympic champion was actually a minor Scottish Aristocrat born in India.   
  • The oldest woman to have ever competed in the Olympic Games was equestrian Hilda L. Johnstone who, at the age of 70, took part in the Dressage Event at the 1972 Munich Games.
  • Roughly 3,600g of gold worth more than $193,250 will be used to plate the medals that will be awarded at the 2012 London Olympic Games.
  • At the 1904 Paris Games the winners were awarded paintings instead of medals as the French believed that they would be more valuable.
  • Dimitrios Loundras, a ten year old gymnast from Greece is often quoted as the youngest participant in the Olympic Games but there is a record that a hastily recruited seven year old French boy was part of the Dutch team that won the Coxed Rairs Rowing Race at the 1900 Games. Unfortunately, he became bored and wandered off before anyone recorded his name.
  •  Some of the events that have been dropped from the Olympic Games over the years include the Tug-of-War, Pelote Bisque, Cricket, Polo and the shooting of live pigeons. Jamaica, a tropical island in the Caribbean, really did enter a bob-sledding (ice-sledding) team in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. It was the inspiration for the hit comedy film 'Cool Runnings' starring John Candy as the coach. In reality, the team competed again in France and in Norway. They finally won a Gold medal at the 2000 World Push Championships held in Monaco.
Thankyou to aquiziam.com for the Olympic facts:)

Have an awesome week!!

July 8, 2012

~ Mary and Grace ~

Grace be with thee
As we soar the several seas.
Time stream occasion away,
Say how you may.

Take what is yours,
As we bring what is ours.
Leave what is mine,
Perceive how we decide.

This, as it rain.
That, be my day.
Bucket down on grace.
Awe for a wonder race.

Shovel up, damage done.
Sorry, I cannot stay.
This grace that has brought me here,
That rain fell on my mere chaise.

Hear me quick, flick.
Fender, tender.
Roll over mine.

Fast, blast.
Sparrow Jack.
Clever fellow to mine.

Warn you against,
Horror, aghast.
Please don't pretend to squire.

Cause if you do,
And jolly, you may.
You turn yourself away.

So listen here,
Quick, flick.
Pray no squire.

Tell Mary the atrocity, tell fire away.
By golly,
The Grace.
Has seen never better a day.

~ Pondering on fairyland ~

You ever get that moment when you can't help but ponder what could have happened in a certain situation? I get that a lot! Actually, I start a conversation with myself in front of the mirror after the shower:)) Imagine if you could have said something so amazing that everyone would have broken into a huge laughing mass, or made him fall into your hands like putty. It's at times like these that i wish I had Jane Austen with me to help me know exactly what to do and say. I've been reading these books about Jane Austen and a cousin that she might, or may not, have had. Really interesting! How I wish I was born in those days, and maybe that Jane was my cousin;)

At is time of year, well really at any time, the landscape in Finland is amazing! You realize how god created e v e r y thing, and how he is so amazing. Who else would have designed the whole world so perfectly?

Facts about grass:

There are over 10000 species of grass.

Grass producing industry is a million dollar business.

Alcohol drinks have grass contained in them.

Pandas, caterpillers, and deer eat grass.

Well, have an awesome week:)

Oh, and I hope you liked the poem..

July 1, 2012

~ Life like lift ~

Life is like a ski lift,
Complete trust thrust upon the pull.
As you near the top,
Without risk, you prepare to stop.

Pressure adhered on the right,
Bringing lift to another.
As the shoe sifts thought the snow,
Getting ready for the huge blow.

Once you finally reach the peak,
No other option awaits.
Hoist yourself front the top.
Practically a free drop.

Wind picks up speed,
Blinding ear to eye.
Don't forget, bend your knees
No time to pay the fees.

Crunch, crumbles the snow.

Whoosh, whistles the wind.

The bank comes closer and closer,
Quick, weave around the tree.
Plow the snow now, real fast.
I really don't think you wish to crash!