“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

February 25, 2012

~ Mirror, Mirror. On the wall ~

Okay, reality check.

Who are you, and what are you aiming for? First thing, first question to ask yourself. 

Second, what steps do you have to take to reach your goal/s? 

Thirdly, how many steps do you have to go? 

~ reflect on an ever rest ~

Today, we bought a mirror for the living room. The most important thing in a room, in my opinion. Some piece of furniture that reflects everything else, and creates the room. It enlarges an area, and creates an elegant room. If there is not a mirror in a room, I would highly recommend you buy one. The only room that should not have mirror is the toilet. You don't stay there long enough to want the room to look bigger. Need one for my room desperately!!

I have a theory. Every snowflake is all coloured differently. For example, one snowflake could be purple, and the next orange, and the next blue . . You get the picture. But, as each time snow falls in groups, the snow is turned white as the eye does not know what colour the snow actually is.  When snow falls to the ground, it joins other colourful snowflakes, so they become white. . . . There is a possibility, right? 

Now is the end of the winter holiday, as it is saturday, and sunday, being a busy day, is not included. I probably won't beable to post tomorrow, and so have an awesomely fabulous week:))

February 24, 2012

~ The Rainbow Serpent ~

Far off in Dreamtime, there were only people, no animals or birds, no trees or bushes, no hills or mountains.
The country was flat. Goorialla, the great Rainbow Serpent, stirred and set off to look for his own tribe. He travelled across Australia from South to North. He reached Cape York where he stopped and made a big red mountain called Naralullgan. He listened to the wind and heard only voices speaking strange languages.
This is not my country, the people here speak a different tongue. I must look for my own people. Goorialla left Naralullgan and his huge body made a deep gorge where he came down. He travelled North for many days and his tracks made the creeks and rivers as he journeyed North. Goorialla made two more mountains, one of the Naradunga was long made of granite, the other had sharp peaks and five caves and was called, Minalinha. One day Goorialla heard singing and said, "Those are my people, they are holding a big Bora." At the meeting place of the two rivers, Goorialla found his own people singing and dancing. He watched for a long time, then he came out and was welcomed by his people. He showed the men how to dress properly and taught them to dance. A big storm was gathering, so all the people built humpies for shelter.
Two young men, the bil-bil or Rainbow Lorikeet brothers came looking for shelter but no one had any room. They asked their grandmother, the Star Woman but she had too many dogs and couldn't help them. the Bil-bil brothers went to Goorialla who was snoring in his humpy but he had no room. The rain got heavier and the boys went back to Goorialla and called out that the rain was heavy. Goorialla said, "All right come in now." The Bil-bil bothers ran into Goorialla's mouth and he swallowed them. Then he began to worry about what the people would say when they found the boys missing. He decided to travel North to Bora-bunaru, the only great natural mountain in the land. Next morning the people found that the boys were gone and saw the tracks of Goorialla and knew that he had swallowed them.
You may never see these lakes or mountains, but after the rain you will see his spirit in the sky , which is the rainbow. This is the reason why he is called Goorialla the Rainbow Serpent.

~ thankyou aboriginals ~

This story was told to me, and many more, from generations, being passed from generations, of Aborigines. Enjoy ;)

~ Severely morish ~

Once upon a time, a princess made a batch of double chocolate chip, rose cakes. They were so extremely delicious that, when the princess finished creating them, and left them to cool, while she went to join her brother's game of conquers, all of the palace staff could not help, but try the cup cakes. The princess came back, and fainted. For all the cup cakes she had made were gone, except one. She gave that one to her brother, and she was left with nothing more. She decided to start another batch:))

~ princess's palace ~

Yesterday I borrowed this book about the titanic, about these people who predicted the titanic. It was actually a book about this mother who talked to the dead far a living. This is the reason that today i took it back to the library. The city of Ember was recommended to me by a friend, and I thought I'd seen it there, at that particular library, and when I went there I was correct. I started reading, and it sounds very interesting. Not sure what it is exactly about, but will tell you guys. 

As you could probably guess from the story above, I did make cookies today, not cakes though. I got the math abit wrong, so I made a huge amount of dough. May take some to skool . . 

Have an amazing weekend, and make the most of everyday :D

February 23, 2012

~ Light on me ~

If you are ever wondering what book to read, read something about war. It really opens your eyes up, and lets you view the world in a more critical way. I personally like reading mellow romance, history books, and sometimes war books. Historical books are also a great substitute to war books, and you learn something at the same time. If you are like me, and wish not to read fully historical fiction, start with 'The Pale Assassin'. It's where I learnt what it would be like to live in the time of the french revolution. Really intriguing:)

Today I met up with an awesome friend, we window shopping. Not exactly something you would hear a blonde, like me, saying that they do very often, but . . Oh, well. It was really fun, and I learnt that denim really actually looks nice on me, and that it really creates a really cute look to anyone. You obvoisly seek to find the correct way to suit denim and your perfect figure. A belt can also jazz up mostly any outfit, need to invest in one as soon as possible :P

~ denim bow ~

We will see what tomorrow brings, being the last official day of the winter holidays. I really do wish to go ice-skating, as soon as the weather allows it. Oh, and I would like to update my stationary collection. . . . ;)

February 22, 2012

~ White as Snow ~

Trip, after trip, after trip. Weleft this morning and we are already ready for lunch. Left from Lempaala to Hamenlinna for the wallpaper, which we didn't actually find, and on to Porvoo, and then, final destination, Helsinki. At least I have my music;) Wat I wouldn't do without my music, so soothing;9 hehe

~ Is whiter than snow ~

As we strolled through the old streets of Porvoo, we noticed a pack of dogs that were playing  together. The whitest one notices us and comes to say hi. I tell you, it made my awesome day awsesomer!
We got these lucky dips, one for me, my brother, my mother and grandmother. It's like Christmas in February. My gosh, went to the chocolate factory, filled with goodies;) I don't think I will have the capacity to eat another chocolate! At least not today ;) :) "D

So. . I did kinda give in. . . to the wallpaper . . . but at least I had a good cause . . . that the other one is no more, anymore, and there weren't any that I took a particular fancy to. All that I had a desire to do, after failing to choose a bed-side table, was to get the wallpaper up. I think it will give me a better idea of what the room, well side,  will actually look like. I am getting excited though. Kinda like getting a new house:))))

~ Converse socks ~

We acquired these neat Harry Potter DVD's from amazon for quite a bargain some time back, and so we decided to watch them. We finished the first one last night, so many to goo. I wish that I could read them all again for the first time. So Good!

Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring. Have got the plans ready, and now more or less what I will be up to, but, it's still exciting:D Have a fantabulous night!!

February 21, 2012

~ Laskiias day ~

Day two, and going strong. You see, you have to always stay true. To not give up . . . till you find the perfect wallpaper :)

I do also know that you have to be abe to give in sometime. Tomorrow the title of the blog may be "Give in, and stay strong". But . . . . .  I don't know. I do really like the wallpaper I chose, so if the don't have it at the shop, I'l probably find a way to create it. . Smiley face:)

Laskiias Day, is sledging day. You are meant to have these Laskiainen buns, which are normal buns cut open with cream and jam inside, and pea soup. Then, as the name may suggest, you are meant to go tobogganing. . which we did not quite do. . .yet:)

Have you ever thought how hard it would be to carve something out of snow or ice? Well . . you're right. Kinda:) I mean, the most basic of basic is easy. I made one, one and a half really, and they were pretty awesome in my perspective. Won't try to make anything more complicated. . EVER.

~ Played till the sun set ~

Tomorrow? Porvoo, chocolate factory :Y 

February 20, 2012

~ Walking on Water ~

And we are nearly . . . almost . . . . not quite there. . . Please magnetise me to the south pole. . . Made it.

~ Tahmelan ranta, path created from twigs ~

~ Headed towards Saunasaari, horrific winds ~

In this place we have named the squirrels, and, ingeniously, they are named after two of the most famous, in our book, royalties around, other than Taylor Swift. Who? Princess Mary and Prince Frederick. I mean, c'mon. Mary is purely Australian, and Frederick had the gut to go to Australia . .
( back to the squirrels:)) We are now taking bets on how much food they can stuff into their tummys before they explode. They have already started having these hiccup fits:)

~ Skating track ~

Since then we have been skating over the rough waters of Näsineulä. What an experience, but now I've done it. Not that I'd do it again. I felt like I was trying to do half skiing, half running. And then inbetween taking a few breaks . .

Well, let us see wat day two of the skiing holiday brings;)

February 12, 2012

~ Like this time ~

Hey, Hey. This time is like last time, except I know more than I did before:)

I know that the weather can become frightfully cold, and next minute, dead hot. I know that a certain Finnish food is actually from a certain country that is no-mans-land. I know that the colour fusia is no where near the colour red. I know that sometimes you have to pretend to listen and nod and agree when looked at. I know that people can be empowered, and grow as a whole. I know that sometimes, you have try to like this time. 

As if you need telling, right? I totally agree, but what would life be if people didn't repeat absolutely unnecessary pieces of so called knowledge? And, what a place it would be. . there wouldn't be a word to say that no one else had heard before . . okay, abit exaggerated . . but . . you get the picture. Well, I'll try to outline it for you:

 C differently

HaHa, sometimes the point is hard to get across. Maybe, this might clear things up a tad. If you see something in different lights, you get a different opinion. Example situation: Your friend is being really annoying, you would wish to not talk it over with her and see what is troubling her. She says nothing is wrong, so you decide to leave her as she is just becoming stupidly annoying. . . What if you find out her brother is really picking on her, and expects greater things from her than she is capable? He is being so formal to her, and she is, therefore, not knowing how to act around you. See, you would see the situation differently.

Just saying, that was a complete made up situation. 

:P Have an awesome week 

February 1, 2012

~ That pearl necklace ~

Heyy, I am freee! Just finished all my exams, and are psyched. Great way to begin February, you know how February is the most amazing month of the year. . hint, hint. Anywayz, January is my absolute favourite month of the year cause it's the beginning of a new chapter, year, and the fireworks displays are stunning. It's wierd how I have lived in Australia pretty much my whole life, and have never been to the Sydney fireworks. . Seen them on tv tho, and they are wicked! I wonder where all the money goes? I found out somewhere that one firework can cost quite a lot.

~ Ice on the window ~
Have you ever noticed how people always seem to comment on the something that you wear, or have one, when you take a risk? Sure, people comment about your diamond, star-shaped earrings, but what I am talking about is when you take that risk and wear that pearl necklace. Now, a pearl necklace is not something that people, at least i don't ever notice it, wear all the time, so therefore it is different to what you usually wear. And, when you take an unusual picture and post it on facebook, people comment. Cause it is different, you are taking a risk. You can basically apply this notion to anything, and see how the comments roll in:) 

Today it was extreme. I could feel the coldness melting my very bones on end, now I can see what finns mean by "It isn't really that cold", when it's - 5-10 degrees. I got out of the tram, and literally promised to myself that if I could make it home, I would have a hot chocolate and raspberry slice. I pretty much forced myself to keep going, and, as I didn't have any money on my or travel card, I was soo tempted to get on the bus. I could have begged to be let on. . . 

This month I challenge whoever actually reads this to put on that pearl necklace.