“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

July 12, 2015

Day 3 - Old Riga

7th July, 2015

Today was a magical day, it was like going back in time. The Old Riga is a maze, a labyrinth of colour, art and churches. Awesomely inspirational. Today I am allowing Harri my brother to write the majority of this blog, and I think it is interesting seeing how both my Dad's post from yesterday, and my brother's post today hold different styles of writing. I am hoping that seeing these different styles will demonstrate to you guys that writing a blog is so simple. The reason to write a blog for me is to create a travel diary, which I think is so much easier that taking a diary with you wherever you go. 

Before I get ahead of myself, here is Harri's perspective of this magical day:

Town Hall in Town Hall Square; though we never really knew exactly where we are at the time :)

The House of Blackheads and St Peter’s Church in Town Hall Square; the “centre” of Old Riga, though we could still feel the heavenly cool breeze from Daugava River located on the outskirts of Old Riga. 

Daugava River separating the old and the new of Riga; a nice breeze by the water on a hot, sunny day. The highrise next to Vanšu Bridge is the tallest building in Riga; nice to see that the city is developing while keeping the modern buildings separate from Old Riga. 

A picture of Laura taking a picture of one of the many immaculately designed streets of Old Riga. The stunning bright colours make the dilapidated city from post-war times a trivial mist disappearing in the sunlight.

Alberta Street in the Art Nouveau Quarter, which is apparently one of the most famous streets of Art Nouveau architecture in Riga. The city of Riga is known for having an abundance of Art Nouveau buildings, which are characterised by intricate, linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms. 

A prime example of Art Nouveau in the Art Nouveau Quarter, as seen by the eye-catching faces, people, and animals carved on the wall.

After walking through five Art Nouveau streets we sit down to take a rest in the Art Nouveau Quarter. Here I try to convince my family that the next street of Art Nouveau is worth seeing :D

Pilsetas Kanals in Kronvalda Parks; a deja vu from our travels through Amsterdam!

A selfie at the Freedom Monument :) Honouring the soldiers killed in the Latvian War of Independence.

The Nativity Cathedral; which is the biggest of its kind in the Baltic States. 

Soon afterwards we took a taxi to our apartment, which happened to be only a 15 minute walk away :) However I found it completely worth it, after Dad and I walked with blisters and bruises for the whole day. 

Hehe, thanks Harri!! It is fun seeing the way that other people take pictures, and mostly what they prioritise in the process. I hope that you feel inspired to start creating your own blogs!! 

Now you are uptodate,



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