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December 29, 2016

Day 5 - Ballycotton Cliffs

5th August

The mist had settled all around us, distancing us from the amazing views that would take our breath away. Well, it didn't work. I still was amazed at the breathtaking views infront of me: at the strength  of the waves lashing out against the rocks, at the narrow green path I was standing on, and at the cows lying down in the paddock next to me enjoying the luxury of living in Co. Cork. It was amazing!!

I had told Danielle that I would like to go see some cliffs, as the Irish cliffs are meant to be awesome drop-off cliffs, and so she suggested today to go to the Ballycotton cliffs.

In the morning we played some more SkipBo, in which Danielle's mum just kept winning (and I won some ;)). Danielle's brother was very insistent that the shuffled cards must some how be rigged in either one of our favours each time. It was funny then when he continuously got the cards he needed ;)

After eating a lovely lunch, we set off for the cliffs. Danielle was driving, and she was very good at it!! She knew exactly when to wind in and out of the roads to avoid bends, and when to speed up or slow down. It was like being on a really fun rollercoaster!! :D hehe.

The fog by this point was mixed with rain, and so it was super difficult to see the sea down below the cliffs. You might be able to see if if you look really carefully. 
Danielle, guiding the way 
Saying hello to some Irish cows (who had the most amazing view on the cliff!!)

We then went back to Danielle's place and she went to work. 

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