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May 27, 2017

Edinburgh: Gullane Beach

The last couple of days have been a huge shock for Scotts. They have taken off their shirts to reveal their white skin, and have taken to spending their days outside with friends. And, the weirdest of all, they actually speak to you while you are walking outside!! This has never been heard of, an occurrence that only happens on the extremely rare warm days. It is a complete turn around from the reserved people who put earphones on and stick their faces in smart phones. Including me ;)

On Wednesday this week Graeme, Iulia and I went on an adventure to Gullane Beach.

Our first sightings of the beach 
Iulia and I taking an awkward selfie 
Whoops ... the camera slipped.

We then decided to go for a walk. So we went over many slimy green rocks, with small rock pools and shards of shells (that got stuck in my foot on the way back). 

We then found an inlet, and so we followed it and then we found this mysterious cave!! 

The mysterious caves
Iulia thought that there could be mermaids in there, and Graeme said there was seas lions. I think I was a tad more realistic by saying that it was probably a pirate smugglers cave, hehe..

On our walk back to the car we HAD to take a selfie in the sunlight :)
The afternoon sunlight shining onto the sand and the sea
The next day was very hot as well, and so I decided to go again to Gullane beach. This time with Graeme and Morven. Well, It was really Graeme's idea because he has a car ;) haha. Morven and I juts kinda went along with it ;)

This time we decided to have a barbecue, so Graeme went to our local grocers to pick up some chicken, hamburgers, sausages, buns and bbq equipment. Not forgetting the sunscreen!! It was all sold out at the grocers I had been to earlier on in the day ;) haha. I think Scotts are caught unawares when they suddenly have a hot day ;) 

I had rode my bike into the city that morning. It was a great day to ride, because of the sunlight, but at the same time it wasn't because I turned as red as a tomato!! ;) When I finished work I rode to a cafe, had a savoury scone and rhubarb and pear drink, and read a book. I then rode back to uni to prepare to go to the beach. By preparation, I mean shaving my legs. Well, a girl has to shave her legs to wear a swim suit :D

After we had prepared all the food, jumped into the car, and driven to the beach, we were all ready for the feast on the beach!!

Gullane Beach 
To begin with we went for an unforgettably cold swim. The more I walked in to the water, the more I was tempted to just walk straight out again. But we all persevered!! 

I am so proud of all of us <3 

I even ducked my whole head in!! 

We spent a while in the sea, basking in the sunlight and warming up by swimming. Morven took longer than us to get deeper, so when Graeme and I were ready to go Morven still wanted to go deeper ;) haha.

So we pushed her deeper ;) Just kidding!! ;)

Here we all area after eating a lovely meal on the beach <3 
Panorama of the beach
The awesome sunset 
Capturing the red sun through the leaves

The colours were sooo amazing!! A picture just does not describe it enough!! 
I have learnt to love the Scottish beach called Gullane. It is serene, secluded and specially secretive. It is a wonder that it is not advertised to the tourists!! 

I am glad, though, because it means that it is ours :D

Now you are uptodate, 



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