“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

July 7, 2017

Day Four: Bled, Slovenia

1st of July 2017 - hike up some mountains, oldest concrete mini golf, and summer toboggan down Straza Mountain :D Yay!!
Mum and Dad eating some breakfast at our accommodation
Stopping at a bus shelter on the way to the first mountain: Dobra Gora (620m), Path of the Good Mountain 
Sign to Bled, which will take us over the mountain
Bee houses <3
Starting the ascend
Taking photos of cows that we saw. One of them kept staring at us ;)
The dense forest we were hiking through
Getting higher
It was actually quite dangerous ;)
Stopping to catch our breath and look at the view 
Harri took a picture of Mum and I examining exactly where we were on the mountain, as it was hard to see through the dense forest
It was lovely when it started to become more level <3
I kept seeing the bug in the centre of this picture scuttling away. The pattern on the insect looks quite aztec!!
The top of the mountain!! What an accomplishment :) 
The view was of a village called Selo, and the panorama of the Julian Alps
Our family picture, without Dad. We met with an English couple at the top of the mountain who could take a photo of us. 
Walking down the mountain towards Bled
An injured moth/butterfly <3 Can you see it? It camouflaged
At the bottom of the mountain we still had to walk a while to get into Bled 
Mum indicated how beautiful it is ;) 
Some interesting flowers on the way
Walking on an invisible track next to the road
Path to Bled
Finally getting there we were lost with where to eat because we were all in a state of delusion. You know that period where you are so hungry that you don't know what to do and just kinda get exhausted? Yes, well we were all kind of there. hehe

The first place that we saw was a very expensive restaurant, but luckily we had enough sense to bypass that place! Dad would not have been happy when we told him about that ;) The second place was a vegan restaurant that we had seen the day before. We went in, ordered as quickly as we could, and went to the toilet. I was really needing to go!!

My vegan burger with buckwheat bread and sweet potato patty
Mum's burger with gluten-free bread and polenta patty, after which she felt a tad sick :(
According to my schedule, we would then go hiking up Straza mountain, but we were all quite exhausted. So after sitting for a while, not doing much, Harri decided that we would go the oldest concrete mini golf park and play a game. 

Harri ready to hit the ball into the hole
The long runways
Mum hitting her pick ball through some obstacles 
Me putting ;)
We then stopped after the game ended, when Harri was scoring up who won, to have a nice cup of tea. Except, when we got the tea, we very appalled to realise that Slovenians don't know how to make tea!!!  
It looks very much like hot water with a tiny colouring of tea!!!!!
We were still alll quite exhausted, and did not feel like going and asking for some proper tea, so we decided to just pour in the milk and just put up with it ;)

And then ....

Around the corner came the cafe person looking very sheepish with three packets of tea!!! He explained that he had forgotten to give us the tea ;) haha

We literally all just burst out laughing :D

My cup of tea that was actually tea ;)
Heading up Straza mountain on a chair lift
In the right corner you can see someone coming down the mountain. We were going to be doing that!! 
The view from our chair lift of Bled Lake 
Selfie of Mum and I
Up the top of Straza Mountain!!! 
Family photo <3
View of the Lake
The toboggans we are going to be riding down. I was getting a tad nervous at this point :o
It was so much fun!!

Going down Straza Mountain on the Summer Toboggan  <3
We then went for a drive to a gorge, came back and tried to eat at a restaurant, decided to get take-away from MacDonalds, then packed and got ready to leave the next day for Hungary. 

Till next time, 

Laura xoxo

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