“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

December 20, 2017

The week before flying home for Christmas

How can you get so tired from a holiday? Well, you jam pack it with meeting heaps of friends, going to cliffs in cold temperatures and miss a flight. I know, cause that is what happened...

I was focusing solely on finishing the website due on Monday that I completely forgot to make sure that I had enough food to eat. Subsequently, I had to be creative and use every piece of food in my possession, meaning macaroni and cheese and cheese toasties. Not super nutritious. Oh, and SQUARE BREAD!!!! Those of you who know me know that I make my own bread, and am definitely against any store bought square bread. It is horrible and tastes like cardboard.

The day of the due date and I was smoothly working away and eating at regular times. All was going well. I finished and sent my assignment off 5 minutes before the deadline. I was on an adrenaline high, and I did not realise till the next day exactly how tired I was.

The next day I woke up to the sound of wind bashing against my student accommodation window. Nothing new. I was donating blood today, which was something I had wanted to do for ever. If I could save a life using something that didn’t cost me much (other than a few blood cells which would grow back), then I would. I remember after donating heading to a cafĂ© and basically feeling so exhausted and ready to sleep. But the day wasn’t over yet … Meeting a friend and then heading to church to partner-lead a group of students in a devotional.

Again, I woke up the bashing of wind, rattle, swoosh, rattle. I spent this day playing games with Jennifer, my flatmate, who was leaving the next day. In the evening Graeme, my boyfriend, and I drove to the airport to pick Harri, my brother, up. I had booked a flight for him to come to Edinburgh from Cardiff, before we both head home to Helsinki for Christmas.

Waking up just after day break was an amazing feeling!! And Harri was in Edinburgh!! Today we were going to hike along some cliffs on the Scottish coast to see baby seals. We had created a Facebook group chat to plan the event, as you do, and Graeme had told everyone to dress up warmly. We were all super glad that he reminded us of this when we were almost blown away by the chill of the blustery winds on the tops of the cliffs!!

It took us around 1 hour to drive to the cliffs near Coldingham on the Eastern coast of Scotland, and then around another hour to find the cliffs that would allow us to see the baby seals on the beaches below. We didn’t mind though, since the scenery was breathtakingly amazing. 

Harri on the drive down

Starting the adventure!! 
The gang full of energy- missing some people
Here we were walking along an invisible path that somehow Graeme and his mum knew about
We found the right beach to see the seals!! Here Pamela is using binoculars to see them up close.  
To see the seals even better everyone, besides Pamela and Robyn, went further down a rocky decline to the beach.

The beach!
Hello seals <3
Getting up close and personal. Apparently, if you walked towards them with a camera over your face they wouldn't be afraid. 
The wee one <3
Their lovely home

On the way back we were all kinda exhausted. And Pamela was setting quite a pace as she was freezing cold. As you can see by my expression ;)
Having a wee rest
Pamela made it first to the car!! :D
Freedom :D 
We then drove to a near by town to stop to get something to eat for lunch. We were all STARVING!!!
My amazing fish supper with mushy peas (which we all gave to Pamela cause she was so happy that there was green things!!!)
After that day I then went to the Christmas markets with Harri and Morven, who came up from Dumfries, and then another day with Berenika.

Ferris wheel with Morven
The view of the Christmas Markets in Edinburgh  
Harri's artistic photo
We then went with Berenika on the Star Flyer, which spins around upwards higher than the ferris wheel. I felt like I was flying through the sky, which I was doing, but it was so surreal!!

Getting our flight to Helsinki a day late
Till next post,

Laura xx

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