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January 1, 2013

Travel Diary: Vienna Trip

Day Three: Vienna, Christmas Eve. 24/12/12

Today was all about taking it slow. We wanted to have a Christmas Eve to be remembered, and that is what we got:)

As was told previously, we bought tickets to see a Christmas concert at the Shönbrunn Palace. It was to be held this evening at the Orangery, so we began heading to the Shonbrunn Palace via metro, at around 10am. The metro here is really good, compared to the metro system in London:)) It is actually just around from the hotel, and there are only like 5 lines running. The place where we wanted to get to was on the same line, /phew/, so it was even less complex.

We got out of the metro, arrived at the palace, and bought the grand tour tickets for all of us. The palace has a wide area behind where there is billions of meters of gardens, including a maze, and fountains in Summer. I wished to go to the zoo that they also had there, but it wouldn't have been as amazing as it would have been in Summer, so we decided to skip that

Inside the palace was awesome! We were not alowed to take our own pictures, but I manage to get some postcards showing the inside ballroom, which I have to say was my fav room.

Included in the pic clockwise: The Empress Elizabeth, nicknamed Sisi, of 1879, the grand ballroom (the ceiling is actually straight) and my scrunched up ticket to the concert.

After the tour we went to some markets outside the palace.

It was around 2pm, and the concert attendent that we met said we should make sure to be at the Orangery at around 3pm, so we began heading in that direction.

One person from information told us that we could get in here, where mummu is standing, but we could find no entrance to the orangery:) When we eventualy, finally did get in, the concert was great, althougj we had to wait like an hour inside! Again, we could take no photos, though in the intervals no one stopped us from snapping a few pics ;p

This was taken from our seat of where the orchestra would be seated. I am sorry it is a bit blurred.. It was an awesome place! There were many chandeliers, and the place was actually where Mozart and Wolfgang had competitions playing music.

This was the view from the Orangery.

After the concert, we were quite hungry. There was luckily one cafe that we could find open on Christmas so we had dinner there. I had a ganache soup, not sure if hat is how it is spelt. It was amazing! When they brought it out, we got a huge basket of bread to share. It was a great Christmas dinner :)

Overall, I don't think that we will be forgetting this Chrstmas Eve in a long time..

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