“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

December 24, 2012

Travel Diary: Vienna Trip

Day Two: Vienna

Since we were so had it from the previous day, we all slept in. When I say SLEPT IN, it actually means around 8am we woke:) Nothing too great. - rolling eyes-

In the morning we ate a gorgeous continental buffet -pronounce the T- in the hotel, including nutella sandwiches and hot chocolate with milo cereal. Delish:) Best start of the day:)))

We then took some time to oganize our stuff neatly into the compartments in the rooms, before heading out to one of the many Christmas markets. And just as we were stepping out the door, we found that is was raining:( NICE. Great thing for tourists, all that sightseeing in the foggy, wet weather:)

Anywayz, we didnt let that put us off. The hotel attendent had been so nice, see, and had shown us exactly which stop we should get off at from the D tram. Right. Annndd, we got lost.. Well not technically, since we were spit up to begin:)

Just as we had arrived at the tram stop to begin our glorious feat, Harri realised that he was cold. So my mother and him went back to the hotel, and we said that we would meet them at the stop that the hotel attendent had told us to stop at. Bound for something to happen, right? New city, new sights. So, yes. Myself, pappa and dad got off where we were supposed to get off. My brother and my mother took the tram after the one that we took, and decided to get off at the first markets that they saw.

We were waiting for them for some time, and when I eventually rang Harri.. In the end, we did find them:0 On the bright side, the markets were really pretty. We had a great time. There was what we think is the House of Commons behind the markets. We found iin that building an indoor market. This market hall was some exibiton for children to create items such as candles and necklaces for Christmas presents. The place reminded Harri and I so much of Hogwarts, since we could glimpse a courtyard outside, and there was even a picture of a phoenix on the wall:)

After this visit, we all found that this was not a good idea, being out in the rain. We did stop at the market to get some drink which was like glogi, but we decided to head home after that to change. As we were walking toward the tram stop that would take us back to the hotel, a man stopped us. He started asking whether we wanted to buy some tickets for a concert in the Schonbrun Palace. He said that we coud get some amazing deals, and get free drinks! Mummu, knowing mummu, was very interested:))

Finally, we ended up on the tram with tickets to the concert tomorrow evening. Yay! So tomorrow we will be going to the Shonbrun Palace!!:)

In the afternoon we all went to the arts and cultural museum in the center of Vienna. It was not as totally extraordinary as the British Museum, and the artifacts were better there I think, but the building!! Simply bliss:)

We ended the day by going to another market area, buying sausages, and eating those looking under the archway to what we think may have been the entrance to some military building:))

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