“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

June 16, 2013

~ THE PLAN p.1~

I could not believe myself. The chance to finally admit to myself my husband was a fraud. I had blown it.

It was 5:15 am last Friday. The door had been locked and bolted, just like every other night. The door bell rang. Hello. I called to Will to get the door. A second ring. I thought he must have been asleep. So, I walked down HARD on the stairs. Just to rub it in to Will's subconscious. The bell rang again. Ding Ding. Okay, okay. I got it. I had opened the door to find two officers waiting on my door. Oh my God. The worst possible scenario. My dad had died. I had asked the officers what they wanted, and they had told me how my husband had taken a train to Mosco in the night with a lady and a maid as hostage. That my husband is a witch, not a witch hunter. That my house was, and has always been a safe house. That I am only a piece in his game.

How Could I Believe The Lie he always told me was true? Yet, some part of my still hung on to the man that I knew I always will and have loved. That was the moment I remembered the plan.

Rewind. The last night I had seen him. I can't even say his name in case it's jinxed. Thursday evening, before bed. Totally normal. We ate chicken drumsticks while watching House. Thursdays is House. He was a tad late home that evening, but only by half an hour. He was once home an hour late, twice actually. So this was not a big deal. Okay, back on track Des. Will washed up, at around 9:00 pm. I watched some show while ironing, I think it was that show with the crazy girl who wants revenge on everyone. Right. Revenge. He did take a long time washing the dishes, but he was only 40 minutes. I counted. He usually takes 20. A bit slow these days, I had said. He excused himself by saying he was stressed about work. We stayed up late. We went to bed at 11:00 pm. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Is that all officers?

Yes. Thankyou Destiny Morangers. If you recall anything new, please call.

He gave me a piece of card, boring really, white with bold printing. I could have sparked it up abit.

Officer .... Pete? What should I do now?

It's Paul actually. And you will be fine here on your own. We will keep our men around a 5 k border. If he manages to come back, or call, our men will get him and lock him up. He has broken already numerous laws. Cases like this are not hard to crack.

The Plan. I didn't give the officer's too much on Will. I mean, he is still my husband. To have and to hold till death do us apart. Okay. I guess that still holds.

It was 1952, when we met. The night of the big baseball match at school. I had been fed up with baseball guys. They were fed up with me as well. Touche. Since I wasn't going to the match I had made some lasange for myself and Claire. She was a good girl. Okay, focus. The TV was blaring loud. Talking about some hair product that was selling billions because of the hot celebrity they had bought. Nice. The bell had rung, and I answered it to find Will. He had been completely honest with me about everything. I had gone out with him a couple of times before, but thought he was a tad wierd. Yes. W I E R D. And then he had told me that he was some kind of witch hunter. Rrriggghhht, I had said. Like I believe you. He had told me that he was saying nothing but the truth. Had even shown me a cool trick he learnt. Oh cumon, I had said. You could have learnt that anywhere.

Wham. Somehow we had fallen into eachothers arms and were singing eachother to sleep.

And NOW I hear the news that he has walked out on me. That he is a witch, is THE witch. Nice. Really. Okay, stay focused Des. The Plan. Oh yes, witches are more powerful than wizards. Not gender specific. He always told me that..

A couple of days later we discussed what would happen if he ever disappeared. Cumon Des. If he ever left, he said, I should go to LA. To the Shed. He gave me the address. Damn. Where would I have put that? The Shed. If I just reorganize... The Ed's. He told me about them. Yes. I will go there.

Great. Now I have the plan.

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