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July 2, 2013

Norway Trip: Day 1 Finland to Sweden

1st July 2013.

This morning we left from Lempaala to Vaasa by car. We stopped along the way at many places, and fell more and more in annoyance with Finn's lack of signage. I was reading the last book in a series, and therefore could not stop reading most of the way, so I, unlike some of my fellow bunkers, was not bored. It was a 4 hour trip, excluding stop-overs and lunch. We followed the sininen tie, or blue road, for the last couple of k's. This road is known in Finland for being very scenic, and it sure was. This photo below is taken on the sininen tie.

As we neared Vaasa we felt a huge sigh of relief. We had finally reached our destination! Do you know that Vaasa is the sunniest place in Finland? Well, it's true. Today it was meant to be raining all day, and all the trip the sun was pouring into the car creating a heater everytime we came back into the car, no... A sauna:) We saw the Trinity Church, Tower of Liberty and the town square. As the Ever Finn, we ate ice cream.

Mummu near the Trinity Church.

Harri memory-keeping the wonderful blue-roofed Trinity Church interior. That is a great idea for our lounge room, mum!!

The Trinity Church. The trees were always in the way! Grr.

Gorgeous flower arrangement.

We then saw the sign for a Vanha Vaasa, or old Vaasa, which Mummu said "would be very interesting". Actually, this is the point where signage became a problem. We started heading towards the Vanhavaasatie, or oldvaasaroad. And you would think that this road would lead to the Old Vaasa, but nooo.

Anywayz, when we did finally find it, it was pretty cool. There was this whole town of ruins apparently, but we only saw the old church and train station. We were looking forward to seing the castle... This is another area where signage would have helped:)

Ruins of the St Mary Church. A sign out the front said you should not stand on the ruins. How was I meant to know that out the back?

The old Railway House. At least I am pretty sure it is, since it is next to a railway and half of the roof fell in:)

The path we took! It was absolutely spectacular.

We then left for the boat! We had to be there two hours early, so that we could get the car on the boat. After that, the time went by so slowly that I am ashamed to say that we were almost yelling at the poor boat usher... We got on board finally, and realised that a four hour boat ride is too long to not have a cabin, and so we were lucky to find one last minute!

The cabin! I was soo tired that I slept two hours;) We used up time playing Happy Families, and eating chocolate.

Late sunset.

Now, you are up-to-date. Hopefully, the apartment and eveything will be fine tonight, since we are only arriving at eleven pm swedish time. In for a late night tonight!

Till tomorrow,

Laura xoxo

Ps. I have taken some pictures on my camera, so check back again in a few days and hopefully I will have uploaded my camera to mummu's laptop by then:) Have an awesome evening guys!

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