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January 20, 2015

Dear Diary: Letters from Macmerry

19th January 2015

Dear Diary,

Today was the last day I was on my own with the three kids before their parents arrive back from China. It will be exciting to start working with their parents in their jewellery business rather than just looking after the kids. I am really looking forward to learning new skills, and adding to skills for looking after children I have learnt.

Skill 1. Always use persuasive words strongly when talking with kids... eg. Say "Can you please empty the dishwasher?", rather than "Maybe if you could please empty the dishwasher?"

Skill 2. Make projects exciting with prizes for the best _____ fill-in-the-blank

Skill 3. I have no idea how mothers cope with their children from birth, so I really can't say that these skills are even plausible.

The thing with kids is that they are all different, so it is difficult to please more than one kid at once. I know this because I have many younger cousins. I am so lucky to have many cousins who are younger than me, so that I have a lot of experience with children. Otherwise I don't know if I would have been okay looking after the kids.

Waiting for the 104 bus to take us to the Tranent library. (This didn't happen today, but I forgot to post it with the last post)

Anyway, today we had a slightly more structured home-schooling day, since we created a schedule on the weekend. I divided the day into five parts, and labelled four subjects and chores into the parts. Hopefully we won't come across any problems, but we might have to work out how we will be doing subjects which one of the children doesn't have... eg. Elias doesn't have Science. However, I think we can work something out when it comes to it :D

It is again at 11 p.m. that I am writing this post. I am squating on a low stool in Alisha's room trying to type on the desk. My shoulders are really starting to ache, so I think I really should continue on the bed.

It always happens that we go to sleep at around 11 p.m. I am not sure how the evening moves so quickly... Tonight we stayed up watching parts of a Winnie-the-Pooh movie on youtube, imitating grumpy Eeyore, and reading a Winnie-the-Pooh story from a book. The story was about Pooh's unexpected find of the North Pole, while trying to save Roo from floating too far down the stream. It was very cute :D

All-in-all, I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. I better go to sleep now, since I didn't get to sleep yesterday. I am pretty sure I didn't, but I could have had a dream about not getting to sleep...

Till next time,



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