“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

April 26, 2018

Trip to Kirkcaldy

It was so sunny that we completely forgot about time. Or maybe we didn't, we just chose to ignore it. We were perching on the ruins of Ravenscraig castle in Kirkcaldy, sunbathing in our t-shirts the precious little sun that we get in Scotland, while humming and singing songs from years gone by. We were completely in our own blissful world, where time stood still and singing was something that brought memories nothing else could. This is what best friends do.

Iulia came up to me during the week and told me that there was going to be one of the longest and oldest outside markets in Europe in Kirkcaldy on Saturday. Iulia asked if I wanted to go, and recited all the details she had written down about the train times, the map of how we would get there from the train and what time we would need there. So really, I had to say "yes". After Iulia went to so much detail to plan this trip, I mean. And not to forget that we, as best friends, should be taking more trips to spend time together other than classes and flat teas. We also were just finishing one of the last assignments that week, so we had time to take trips. 

Okay, after that calculation, I decided that it would make sense to go. Not to forget that I would really like to go with my best friend. Gosh, uni is making me so logical ;) 

Here we are (Iulia and I) taking the train over the bridge to Fife. 
Our adventure took us from the blue dot (QMU) through Edinburgh (to the left), along the bridge to Fife (the opposite land on the other side of the river) and curved along the coast to the red point: Kirkcaldy
New Forth bridge

Coming close to Kirkcaldy. The train took just over an hour
At the market!! It was so crowded 
On the first ride - Simulation machine. 
Second ride - Frozen rollercoaster. For kids ... I know. But we are kids.  
The rollercoaster was very gripping  ;)
We were the only people who were past their childhood years.
Our next activity was to play archery 
Iulia aiming
She won a Pikachu!! Which she promptly handed to a little kid who would appreciate it more ;) 
Huge bit of fairy floss!! Or candy floss, I think, as they call it here. We ate a little but each, and then there it out. Too much sugar!!!!!

Our next ride - another simulator. We discovered that the video was basically the same as the first one ;) 
Walk to the sea when we had had enough of the market
Seeing the market from the beach - no, we did not go on that crazy high ride.
We then walked around 20 minutes to Ravenscraig castle  
Me perching on the ruins. The castle was originally a royal residence, but then was used as a defensive facade. It had its own private beach!! 
Private beach
Iulia and I sunbathing in the sun, while singing songs and enjoying the peaceful bliss of her having no more assignments, and me having one more to go. 

We then caught the train back to our uni and went to peaceful sleep after such a strenuous day!! We are planning on going on another adventure to North Berwick soon to take a cruise to two islands there. So stay tuned!!

Till next time,

Laura xx

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