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December 15, 2012

Little unknown tips for the cooker of the family

It may not be a know fact, but every person has the ability to cook something truly extraordinary.

Where ever I go, there is always someone who says that there is no way that they can cook without the pan catching fire, or without burning a cake. No, no, no. See, Do you not remember that saying: Practice makes Perfect? This is how I know that everyone can cook. You keep making the mistake of burning the pan, because that is what you did before. Your mind is taking it seriously that you can't cook, because that is what you repeat time after time. Maybe, you dont't read the instructions? Or you find that you misread the time period for 30 mins, instead of 13. I know I have done that once. It is easy to do.

Maybe you just realised that your fav footy team just lost it's best player. Or found out that the artist that you are obsessed with started dating. From this short info, you want to google for the full details? So, whoops, the cake was meant to be out 15 mins ago . . . Not completely uncommon:)

My first tip: Imagine what you are going to be cooking. See it in your head, so that you know what you are aiming for. Hey, maybe it'll turn out better that you hoped for.

It may seem silly, but it works. Do not underestimate the power of the imagination? Twilight was completely made from Meyer's imagination. Really? No way -o-

Even so, it does help to imagine the meal you will be making tomorrow evening. Trust me, although practice will improve this techique. For example, hypothetically speaking, you see this extraordinary korma chicken in your head. You see all the spices that you want to taste in your dish. You know that the rice should be nice and fluff so that the sauce from the spices can be easily absorbed in the rice. Tell me you are not imagining this?

So when you start, you will will have a clear idea where you are heading! No burning the rice! Not walking aimlessly around looking for spices which are actually not needed in the dish.

Then you can start making different dishes. Imagine what vegetables will go with others. What consistency of liquids you are looking for. Do you want more / or less sauce? Would you like the chicken to be more soft? In that case, let the chicken simmer with the lid on for a few minutes. See how imagining the food you will be cooking will help?

No, you are not the creative type? Too bad. . Everyone is:)

My second tip: Know your spices. To dot his you will need to know everything in your cupboard. So when you need a little seasoning, you will exactly what you want! This knowledge will help you in imagining the dishes. Not only knowing the spices, but also the various vegetables, and other ingredients that you may use in your cooking.

Once you can tell that the dish needs maybe garlic salt, or thyme, then you have set sail in the right direction. And will you be thankful! Yes? No more recipes! Yipee:)

My third tip: Understand the meat. This kinda an important part in cooking :) Once you get this, your dishes are sure to be awesome! Even if the spices are not mixed correctly or some minor detail that Jamie Oliver would consider awful. Ask yourself: Should I use just oil to fry the beef on? Or just butter, or then both, butter and oil? Is it best to leave it for a few minutes? Research this for a bit, and write it down somewhere. If you are not sure what to use, I generally just fry the meat in both butter and oil.

Another thing that should be know is that using recipes is the best to start with, and then every now and then. This is how you learn new techniques in your cooking, and it allow your self to get even more creative!

See. Anyone basically with a fry pan, mince, and various array of additions can cook! Yay!!

Happy Cooking:)

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