“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

July 24, 2014

Day Fifteen: Edinburgh to York to Scarborough

16th July 2014

"The best dreams happen when you are awake" as Cherie Gilderbloom says.

Today was definetely one of the best dreams I could ever dream. The higlight of the day for me was wading through the sea on the north beach in Scarborough, while Mum says the highlight for her was meeting some friends from Australia in York. Needless to say, we did do a whole lot in one day. No wonder I am exausted!!

The day all started when we woke up in our lovely hotel and ate a heart-warming Scottish breakfast. I felt like royalty, sitting there while a waitress came and took my request for poached egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, and hashbrown. I would definetely reccommmend this hotel called Ailsa Craig Hotel, and it was very simple then to just head from there to Waverly Station.

From the station I then quickly ran through the streets of Edinburgh new town to get to a souvenir shop before the train arrived. The previous day I had decided on a shirt I would like from Edinburgh, but Dad couldn't remember his pin code for his card at the time, and it happened to be the day I left my card in my suitcase;) So, I was rushing through the new town streets of Edinburgh, and it was then that I realised how much I really love Scotland. It is ironic, because the shirt says 'I love Scotland' :D

As we all found our seats in the train heading to York, we paid our farewells to Edinburgh. The train trip was around two hours to York, but Harri said it wasn't long enough:) He was trying to finish his book, but didn't quite make it. Too bad Harri...

After walking out the train station in York we were all bombarded with hot weather and sticky humidity. For me the heat was just bearable, untill we walked into the full sun, and only then did it felt like I was frying. In fact, I dont usually sweat, but on the top of my lip I could feel persperation... It wasn't pretty.

Finally arriving at our accomodation, I was very disappointed. In fact, we all didn't particularly find the accommodation incredibly inviting, as it was quite dusty everywhere, and it didn't seem like it had been cleaned for a while. I though it was very decieving, because in the pictures online the place looked much nicer with different furniture... That was a bit of a let down:(

However, learning of an impending deadline, we had to quickly walk back to the train station to meet some friends from Australia. After nearly melting of heat in the sun, and dying of thirst we arrived at the train station just as our friends had arrived from a nice cool air-conditioned car. Grr... It was awkward then when I said to them that it was boiling, and they said that it was nothing compared to Australia ... Grr...

Anywayz, we had a nice walk through York to find a cafe to sit down and chat. York is a very old town, and full of elderly it seemed. Although it could just be that all the kids weer still at school, as it wasn't school holidays in England yet. It was then nice to stop at a cafe and sit down with green tea in air-conditioning. Our friends had brought with them their daughter's family who lived in Edinburgh, and they were very homely to talk with. So, we arranged that if we are ever in Scotland we can go over and stay with them. I also have a potential uni accommodation :D

After we said our goodbyes, we left for the train station in a start\stop kind of jog. We had planned to go to Scarborough that afternoon, which is on the Eastern coast of England. I had originally planned to get to Whitby and Goathland (Aidensfield from Heartbeat), but it is practically inaccessible by train, so the next best thing I could find was Scarborough. In Heartbeat, a crime TV show that everyone in our family loves, there is talk about Scarborough, so at least it was somehow related :D After a half-hearted jog from the city to the railway station we just made it to the train and boarded the one hour trip to Scarborough.

Once we arrived in Scarborough Dad and I instantly thought of Cleveland in Australia. We walked out of the station and everyone was wearing short-sleeved t-shirts with shorts or a dress, it was just like home:) The sound of sea-gulls skwarking, and the lovely breeze cooling the hot temperatures, was all the place needed to feel like I was in Cleveland. We weren't exactly sure where to go, but we followed a sign saying Harbour. Then, out of nowhere a vintage like sea side landscape entered our line of vision.

Scarborough beach, with Scarborough castle ontop of the hill.

Scarborough beach.

In Sacrborough two beaches are seperated by a hill that houses the castle. All in the name of curiosity we walked all the way around the mountain from one beach to the other. Not to say that it wasn't a lovely walk, it was just a very long walk. As we finally saw the other beach, Harri and I waded through the water on the beach for a while. We then had a very hearty fish and chips :)

On the train back to York from Scarborough. We all weren't looking forward to returning to the accommodation, but it had to be done...

Walking to our accommodation we passed York Minster, which is the largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. It was really nice with the sunset reflecting off the windows.

That was basically the longest day we have had so far I think on record;) Well, maybe not, but I was definetely ready to delve into the blankets in sleep... Little did I know...

Now you are uptodate,



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