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July 4, 2014

Day Two: Rotterdam

3rd July 2014

Day Two, and we all woke up tired, as if we had no sleep:) Not a great start to the day... Dad started his first day at the conference in the Erasmus university at 10:00, so Mum took him there via tram. She also bought us all three-day travel tickets at the railway station, which we found later to be completely essential :D Harri and I then met Mum at the railway station, and had some lovely morning tea in a lounge area. We are still amazed at how much cheaper food is here than Finland...

It was nice at the Railway station. I had fresh mint tea, where there was actually a fresh sprig of mint in boiling water:) I enjoyed it, but I burnt my tongue so my taste was a tad spoilt after that...

A shopping street in the center. There were many many shopping streets, so i can't wait to go back and browse :D

The city hall. We didn't want to stay there too long, cause this security guard kept following us around...

The back of the only remaining medieval church in Rotterdam. It really was huge standing next to it, although it looked small next to all the modern buildings:)

The famed cube buildings. They really looked queer there, and Mum said they made her feel dizzy. I don't think that I would be able to stay in one of them, but maybe it would be nice just for one day :D

In one of the cube houses. It was nice, but it was a bit claustrophobic. There was three-storeys, and only the first storey was air-conditioned, so we found it quite warm. But it was cozy, and the space was used well.

Oustide the cube houses there were these cafes that over looked this magnificent view! We were going to eat there, but it was quite expensive...
<br />
Erasmus Bridge, or 'The Swan'

The largest building in Rotterdam, as the four buildings are all joined together:)

We went to a peninsular, where we were reccommended to go to for the modern buildings and architecture. It was very hot, and our feet were hurting like anything due to the long walk from the cube houses! Instead of walking back to a tram, we decided to take a water taxi. It was not expensive, and nice and cool :)

We then went back home, and cooked dinner. I was extremely tired, so it was easy to get back to sleep :D

View of the courtyard from the block of apartments we are staying in. I really love that tree in the center, it is very cute x)

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