“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

July 11, 2014

Day Six: Amsterdam

7th July 2014

Today we woke up to sun streaming through the window. We had decided to wake up early and head to the city of Amsterdam. Harri and I slept in, so we had to rush to get the shuttle to the airport :) Once at the airport we got a bus to the city, and I was soo tired becaue I hadn't had any breakfast yet... The other three had had cereal in cups at the hotel, and I didn't quite fancy it ;)

Once we arrived in Amsterdam we had some difficulty trying to find a place to eat breakfast. It was mainly that we got off at a bus stop too late :) It was an area deserted from any cafes, and if there were some there they were closed... Then when we finally found a place to eat breakfast, we had to wait for a while, and then pay 40 euros for it :0

After breakfast we went through to the courtyard of a museum to a lovely garden.

After we had fun in the park area, we went to the Albert Cup market. It was extremely long, but I enjoyed walking down the streets. There were some fruit markets, and we had a fruit juice. I had orange, banana and kiwi :D There was also some dried fruit, clothes, fabrics and ornaments :D Harri got an Amsterdam cap here.

After we finally finished the Albert Cup market, we entered a courtyard dedicated to arts, where a statue depicted the famous artist Rembrandt. There were artists and photographers around the courtyard selling their work, and I bought one lovely piece as a souvenir.

After the courtyard, we headed towards the Singel Flower Market.

The flower market is referred to as 'floating', as it is slightly on the water.

We had no idea that what the flower market would be like, but it was really amazing! There were these dried flowers hanging from the ceiling, and there were flowers everywhere. It was really enjoyable, but apparently the tulip bulbs you can buy there are old ones :)

The royal residence palace in Amsterdam. We didn't go in, but the building was amazing!

On the right is a church, and in the center is a shopping center. The buildings were wonderful, and the architecture was really beautiful.

After a walk through the crowds outside the palace, we took a tram to the Central Railway Station. We had afternoon tea then, and decided to go to a canal cruise. We took a round trip, ao it would go through the canals and come back to the same place. Mum was really hoping we woudl do that, and it did sound really relaxing :D

The commentator was really good, and he added interesting facts about everything. The boat that everyone was staring at it this picture was recreated to be an exact copy (but a bit larger) of a boat that sank years ago. Retirees came together apparently to do the rebuild, which was really interesting. However, the commentator then said that the proportions were large, so that it would not be able to go on the water without sinking :D

Later we passed a museum, which used to be a retirement home. The commentator said nothing had changed;)

After our lovely canal cruise we had KFC close by for dinner, and headed back to the hotel.

We were all really exausted from such a long day, and were ready for sleep. Tomorrow we have a big day, all the way to Cardiff, Wales!!

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