“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

July 5, 2014

Day Three: Rotterdam

4th July 2014

Well, today did not start too well. To begin with, I woke up late:( In addition, I thought I lost my glasses:( It wasn't until I had notice how tired I was, that I noticed a pair of dusty glasses under my bed... Anyway, that cost us at least an hour out of our day...

Dad went again to the conference, and so Mum, Harri and I decided to go towards the Old Town of Rotterdam.

China Town Street. Haha, CHINA Town (notice the tea cup of the building). That is funny :D

We quickly stopped at KFC, cause we don't have it in Finland, and had two kids meals for just savouring the taste of the chicken :)

End of China Town. The Manhattan Hotel in the background.

The railway station in the centre, and a trusty tram coming towards us:) For us the trams were the best transport to use, as they came every couple of minutes. We did try the metro, but it is nicer for us to be above ground:)

Today we decided to take the tram to the old town of Rotterdam. It was the only remaining old area in Rotterdam after the bombings.

We always had our trusty map in our hands, and checked it every couple of minutes to make sure we were on the right track:) Literally, every couple of minutes...

The old town!! Well, actually it was just one road, and you have to kind of stumble upon it, as it is not noticeable from the tram stop...

The old town. I love this bridge! It is sooo cute :))

All along the road there were canopies of greenery. It was very pleasant.

A vintage camera shop!! We went in on the way back down the road, as smaller shopowners usually don't open till after 10:00, and it was amazing! There was a really old video camera that just looked so picturesque ;D

There are many orange decorations everywhere for the Fifa world cup, which just added to the mood. This bike was cute, I wouldn't mind riding it around these streets:)

Harri got his haircut in one of the old town shops, so Mum and I walked abit further and sat here while waiting.

There were many boats that passed thorugh the waters, and we noticed one really long boat. We think that it might be used to transport cargo to the port, which is the largest port in Europe. The tall building in the right is the Euromast, which is a nice observatory tower to enjoy a panorama of the city. We are still deciding whether we should go there or not...

Walking back along one of the main roads heading to the railway station.

This is a really cool church, and we saw a table tennis table set up inside. It really suits the scenery here :D

Heading back to the apartment along China Town.

After afternoon tea at the apartment we went to the shopping street to see whether clothes would be cheaper here. We met Dad there, from his second day at the conference, and had a KFC dinner:) We all agreed, however, that the chips just aren't the same to what they used to be... I bought a nice shirt on the shopping street, however the price was the same as Finland, and then we walked back to the apartment. We are hoping that tomorrow we can go back to look at some department stores:)

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