“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

July 13, 2014

Day Nine: Cardiff (Caerdydd)

10th July 2014

Walking through a majestic park, with trees and flowers framing lovely views, a strong white building rose from the hedges. The house was marble-like, with ten pillars lining the front like guards, and two greek statues framing both sides of the house. This was Glamorgan Building where Dad's university conference is held. We had no idea that Dad spoke in such a time-bearing house!

Dad outside Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University. He looked very chuffed with himself standing outside the building :D The building used to be ---

Mum and Dad in the park outside The Glamorgan Building. The gardens were very lush, and really well looked after.

We happened to be in Cardiff on the day when teachers and other workers were on strike. Hence, many places were closed, from museums to parks. We had to find other things to do, so we decided to just walk around the city of Cardiff.

For lunch we stopped off at a tea house, where Harri had the local lamb stew called Cawl. I tried a bit, and I thought it was really lovely. The meat was very tender, and there were some nice vegetables as well. It was different to a vegetable stew, because it was thicker.


Throughout Cardiff city there are quite a few arcades, which is a little alleyway of shops.

After Dad finished his conference for the day we met in the city. He had two hours to wait in the city before the people from his confence were all meeting to eat at the Cardiff Castle. We all decided that we were too tired to stay in the center, so we went back to the hotel. On the way back you could tell I was tired, when I tripped over the edge of the path into Mum:)

In the apartment we all had a quiet time, and Mum and Dad then went back into the city for Dad to meet at the castle. On the way back to the hotel after dropping Dad off Mum stopped at her favourite department store, Marks and Spencer, to get some sandwiches for dinner.

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