“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

July 12, 2013

Day Eleven: Bergen to Myrland

11th July 2013

Haha.. I am not sure what this place is actually called:) It's near to Geilo, but the area is so little that it is not on most maps.

Today was a lovely day, even though we woke up to workers knocking on the outside of the wall... The hotel we were staying, Best Western Hordaheim, is under construction till mid-July. It was really annoying yesterday when we found out that the room we were staying in was actually a corner one that would have had a balcony if not for the construction:(

After a hearty breakfast we walked through the old Bergen, or Bryggen, and stopped at a few shops a long the way. I found this really cute boutique selling bright kitchenware and stationary there; I ever so wich I could have bought a teapot! I saw one, but it was quite expensive...

Bryggen busy street:)

The cutest boutique.

St. Mary's church. The oldest church in Bergen, built in 1100s! Unfortunately it is currently under renovation...

Now to leave Bergen. It was soo sad, it is such an amazing place! I sure want to go back some time. Maybe next year, or even christmas : D The roads out of Bergen were good, but then further out the roads began to wind around in circles in figures of eight. We stopped at this little shopping center somewhere there and ate a lovely lunch. On the road again, and I finished my crocheting!

I am very pleased with the end result. Thankyou google for this awesome pattern! Without google I have no idea how I would survive...

We somehow arrived at this desertland place on the top of a hill, I think it may have been a national park. It was really isolated and fresh. In my opinion, after a week you would go crazy living there! Luckily we were not staying there, just passing:) It actually ended up being that the hostel did not give us an accurate address, and so we had to ask someone for directions; They then told us to drive another 55 minutes! We had thought we were much much closer than that! Oh well, we will just have to sleep in. hehe..

Tomorrow will be a 4 hour drive to Oslo! I can then start Nora Roberts!! Yay:PD

Now you are uptodate.



PS. Oh, and there is no internet connection here, so this post will probs be a day late.

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