“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

July 14, 2013

Day Thirteen: Oslo

13th July 2013

I don't know how I ever slept last night... It was soo hot and the people outside kept talking as loudly as possible! I am not very happy with this hotel at all... Fed up. Yesterday we washed some clothes and today I wanted to use the iron. I do know how to work an iron, but I could not open the silly thing to pour water inside for steam! AYAYAY.

On the bright side this morning the breakfast really was superb. The only thing missing was Nutella:) We then started walking towards the center of Oslo, because we were located in the surrounding area. We asked someone on the way how we should get there and he told us to take the metro. The metros in Europe are great:) The metro took us right into the middle, we walked up to be faced with the National Theature (we think it must be) and a gorgous circular water fountain.

We were then given wrong directions to the information center. Nice. We eventually realised so, and walked in the opposite direction:) We made it and bought ourselves an Oslo Pass. This we found to be really worth while. With this pass you can get into the museums for free, discounts for restaurants and park in the city for free. We could also take a ferry to the little island off the coast of the mainland for free! The person who helped us purchase the Oslo Pass said that we should take the trip to island and go to some museams there. We thought that sounded good, and fortunately we got the last four places on the ferry to the island;) Amazing how much luck we have had!

On the island there were many exclusive places, and Harri said that one day he would live there:) The first place we went to was the Norweigan Folk Museum. There we found some amazing fashion and equipment used in the olden days. We also found some crazy new fashion styles.

After that I was starved, so we ate next to cows who kept mooing. It was very sweet:) Then we went to the Viking ships museum. The ships there are billions of centuries old, and they used to bury people inside the ships. They are still discovering new skeletons today in the wrecks they have recovered. Spooky:))

Funnily enough we all felt really tired, so we got the ferry back to the mainland and ate wonderful muffins and hot beverages:) The cups were so cute though, they were like noodle bowls, and they didn't have a handle. It was surprisingly easy to drink from.

I was willing to go shopping, and so luckily we found the mall street (cause Harri was planning on us going to an art gallery) that looked positively lovely and so welcoming:) I was truly happy, though, when I found a lovely bestseller novel to my liking. I am half way through the Nora Roberts book, so I needed to find a new one. The long trip home is still ever present:)

I will be very glad to leave this hotel for a better one tomorrow! haha...

Now you are uptodate.



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