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July 6, 2013

Day Four: Norway

4th July 2013

Previously: We had arrived at the hotel to find that the room was neat and tidy, but that there was no fridge or any five-star quality. Sorry Mummu:( Harri and I were really hungry, so we went for a walk to Burger King to get something. I had known that Norweigan kronas were expensive, but that was ridiculous! 10 euros for one wrap! Anywayz, it was extremely goof. I guess you pay for quality:)

First thing I woke up to: bypassers chatting downstairs freely as they will. Nice. Actually, I wouldn't have minded if I hadn't been so tired. You'd think a sleep would have revived me! Luckily for me, we had a great breakfast consisting of muesli, boiled eggs, waffles, and fresh orange juice. Such a way to start a day:)

Harri had arranged the amusements, and we were stayig in Trondheim for two days! Yay! So, th first thing we wanted to see was the cathedral. The roads we took to go to the Cathedral were so cute! I don't know why, but it looked SOO Norweigan:) hehe...

We finally arrived at the Cathedral. Nothing, NOTHING, can prepare you for the largness of St Olevs Cathedral! It was huge! I was overwhelmed:)

We found that generic gift shop area, where they sold the tickets to see inside, so we bougth the combined ticket. That meant that we could see the famous jewels, museum, inside the church andd go up the tower. It was awesome! The lady was very pleasant, and told us that there was guided tours in English at specific times, and an organ concert at 1pm. Everyone is so friendly in Norway!

The inside of the church was amazing! You cannot take pictures inside the Cathedral, but I bought a post card in the gift shop, so I will take a picture of that. The Cathedral was enormous inside, and the rooves were very high. It is reall hard to explain the inside, so please come and see for yourself! hehe...

The view from the top of the tour. It was awesome!

We could go across all four sides, so that you could see all around Trondheim. The views were spectacular! Harri and I were the only youngsters there, so we let all the others go down the stairs first, while we waited with tour guide at the top. She was around the same age as me, and she said that she had to go up and down the tour at least twice a day! She had been there quite many times, so she knew the view already, and each time she went up there she saw new things. She also said that she hears many rumours as well about the Cathedral. One of them was that the last of the jewels of the cathedral is hidden at the top near a spire, and that the angel who is in the picture above actually has the face of Young Bob Dylan:P

We then went to have a quick look at the jewels, which were amazing as you'd guess they would be, and went to see the organ concert. The guy who played the organ was amazing!! I am not sure if any of you have heard an organ before, but this was like angels playing. He played four different pieces. In all of them he used his hands as well as his feet! Mummu says that there are piano keys for your feet on an organ. For the last one another guy came out to help the player to switch the switched to allow more pipes above to sound. It reminded me of that evil jelly fish guy in Pirates of The Carribean. Don't ask me why.

It was around luch time afterwards, and so I tried moose meat. If you would have given it to me any other time, I would have said a full blown NO, but this just felt like the right time. And... It was lovely:) It tasted like silver side, or corned beef. Reminded me of my childhood:) We ate an apple afterwards overlloking this magnificant view:


After that we thought of going to the museum, and while we were there we remembered the guided tour that was in English. It was in 10 minutes. So, we waited around. When the lady came, we found that there was only us and two other nice people. She told us the history of the place, and that the Cathedral was originaly built as a small building in the 1100s, but was then burnt, and rebuilt in the 1600s. She was very thorough, and she took us on a tour of the palace. In Trondheim you can only see certain areas if you are on a guided tour, and this was one of those places. She explained to use how it was built over time, what was used for what, and when the Swedes, Danes and Norweigans had hold of the palace. Very interesting info!

All of us were getting a bit tired and hungry, so we went back to the hotel to have tea. I am very sorry, The Old Riverhouse, but I took four variaties of tea bags:(( There was calming tea, and it wa very calming. Thankyou:) hehe...

Another sight to see was the old town. We walked over the Red Bridge and through the colourful streets. It was really nice to walk a bit further tto the top of the mountain. There was fortress, which was built to protect Norway from Sweden. After Norway got it's independence in the early 19th Century, the Norweigans wanted to rid all Swedish stuff out of the country. This was what the King thought of to protect Norway against Sweden, and of course to show how Norway is it's own:) Sweet:))

Now you are uptodate.

Have an awesome day!



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