“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9

July 17, 2013

Day Fifteen: Sweden, Eskilstuna to Stockholm

15th July 2013

We left the Elite hotel reluctanty. The breakfast was great, and we enjoyed the flat-screen TV with multiple channels:) I think that is part of the reason Harri took so long to pack...

Anyway, after that we had smooth sailing, or driving in this case. Eskilstuna is a lovely town, and the drive out of Eskilstuna was very enjoyable. Unlike other trips through Norway we did not have to go on any ferries, but tunnels were of course the used alternative. However, there were not as many tunnels in Sweden as in Norway:D Yay!!

Along the way we saw many yellow fields, and expensive cars:) It was just the highway, so we didn't get to go through any little towns, but it was only one and a half hours. I was annoyed to know that I only got through two chapters in the disance we had to travel. I did stop along the way in some places which would explain the lack of reading, but I was still annoyed:z

This is when we started getting closer to Stockholm.

We parked our car close to the area for Silja Line ships to Helsinki. We were going to take an overnight trip from Stockholm to Helsinki, that way we would get there the following day! Home:)) We took the metro from the docking area to the city and went shopping! Well, I then went shopping, while the rest of us were too tired to feel the rush of shopping in a big city. Ah well... We did eat a lovely meal:)

At around 3:40 we drove onto the ship and found our cabin for the night. The first thing we did was to get something to eat and check our mail and stuff on the internet. It's amazing how much we rely on the internet these days...

On the ship there was not a lack of entertainment at all! There were two people standing on stilts, three people playing instruments, shops and game areas. It was a bit overwhelmin:) Mummu and I then went shopping, but we didn't find anything. We had a buffet dinner then. The room was seriously a km long! It was full of tables offering salads, mains and desserts. There was even sushi!! The food was scrumdidliumptious, and afterward I was truly full:) We went ot the top deck and watched the islands go back till we were so sleepy that we absolutely needed to go to bed and fall asleep.

Musical entertainment on board.

The only problem here was that the rooms were so squished together that we could here people talking in from all sides in our cabin, and so we all had the most difficulty trying to get to sleep that night. I myself woke up at least ten times during the night! It is safe to say that we all did not have a very refreshing sleep the last night on our trip:(

Now you are uptodate.



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