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July 8, 2013

Day Seven: Molde to Maloy

7th July 2012

No one can imagine the scenery in this amazing wonderland! It is like something from a movie. Not even Sherly Barber could have made this up without seeing it! hehe.. okay, maybe. You know what? I always thought that water was clear, but now I know that fresh water is turqoise. A turqoise that is so clear and diamond shaped, I could not help myself bt want to be apart of it all. I threw a one euro coin into the pond, made a wish, and said farewell as it left on it's eventual journey down the fjord. I also bought a bracelet, so that I would remember the true colour of water:D

Life in this part of Norway must be so secluded, you could stay here for a week just takin in the view, and then a week more breathing in the fresh air and ect. All along the way down the mountain range there are cabins, cottages and restaurants. Truly, I would be fine to live in this area.

Well, the day started at Molde. It seems like a year ago I woke up there! We had breakfast in what looked like a school cafeteria, and ate a hearty meal. Mummu thought that the place we stayed was actually a school, where the students were on their summer holiday. I am thinking that she is correct. After that we drove to the city and walked around a bit. In the city center we saw lots of roses everywhere. I read somewhere that Molde is the city of roses i think, so that would explain why:)

We then went to the lookout which I had found in a brochure. It was a reccomended place to go, and I thought that it sounded like a good idea too, so we went. It was only ten minutes to get there, and it was up a huge mountain, so once we got at the top we had amazing views. The views were looking over the 22 snow capped mountains, fjords and the city. It was extraordinary:)

I had also read in a brochure about this scenic route we could take towards Maloy, even thoough it was still a kind of detour. It looked pretty amazing, and so Pappa put the first of the places into Tom Tom, Andalsnes.

On the way there we stopped at Isfjorden. This was one of the scenic things to do, according to the brochure anyway. This little town used to be 'the cradle of clothing', and there was one house there were everything had been kept the same as they were in the day of tailoring. I thought Mumu might have liked that, so we went there.

In Andalsnes we decided to just head toward the place we were going to stay, so that meant that we wouldn't continue on the scenic route. Well, that was what I thought anyway. We started driving and we turned off onto this road that started winding up a mountain. This is the point when we realised that the Tom Tom had actually taken us on the scenic route. Oh the joy!

Let me explain why scenic route I wanted to take the scenic route before I start exclaiming my wonderment. This route is called the Trollstigen Road, and it goes through the Romsdalen Alps. These alps are huge mountains that are very close together with a valley inbetween. The Trollstigen Road is a road that bends up towards the top of Norways 4th largest free-falling waterfall. Yes. So that is why I wanted to go:)

I think that my pictures will be self-explainitory, so below I will post hopefully a little less than the 200 photos I actually took:) Enjoy. Oh, and you cannot fully experience something like this unless you are here, so please do go!

We actually went over tha bridge you can see under the apex of the water fall! We got sprayed abit, but it was amazingly refreshing:)

This is where we passed right over the waterfall! Well, just after:)

Made it to the top! Norway had actually the beginning of the waterfall into a nice area with a restaurant and lookouts. It was really nice. I can't imagine how they would have made it though.. It could have been quite dangerous.

Before I left I threw a euro coin in the beginning of the waterfall and bought a bracelet that will remind me of this amazing experience!

Now to get down again:) It was no where near as steap as the way up was. Sigh of relief. Pheww:0 It was really scary the other way!

There were many little streams of water. The water was so pure that they all reminded me of the true colour of water! The air was extremely clean, and even now I can tell that the air is not as clean.

I was so in awe of the landscape after this photograph, that I didn't take any more pictures. You will just have to see for yourself! Trollstigen Road, people!

From then on it was pretty much the same scenery until we reached a shore where we had to take a short ferry to the next island. We weren't quite as lucky as we had been, and had to wait for the next one to come, but we had time to take in all we had seen!

You are pretty much uptodate now, so till tomorrow:)



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