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July 8, 2013

Day Six: Norway, Trondheim to Molde

6th July 2013

This morning was one of the best mornings! No interuption whatsoever:) haha.. Last night I had booked the accomodation for day seven in Maloy, and both Harri and I had planned the route from Trondheim to Maloy. We had decided to go along the Atlantic Road part of the way. This particular road was voted as the most scenic roate by a British newspaper. We had a brochure, and it looked simply spectacular, so that is what we wanted to do.

We had a beautiful breakfast at the hotel before we left, and I quickly did all that I needed to do on the internet in the foyer before check-out:) It was a real rush! I finished just before 12. hehe..

We began the huge treck at around 12:30. We had to start on the longest stretch, Trondheim to Kristiansund. Boy, I was not looking forward to that! 3 hour journey:) The journey was not particularly scenic, and along the way there were no places to stop and eat. So, I would recommend that people who journey long distances like this pack a lunch before beginning. There were many picnik benches along the way where we could have eaten, and so we plan to do that on our next long voyage!

Bye Trondheim!

It was such a long drive! And finally when we did get to Kristiansund we couldn't find where we needed to go to get to the Atlantic road. Tom Tom was a bit confused, I think, since we "arrived at our destination" at a residential house:) It took almost an hour to find where we were supposed to go... Such a drag.

Yay! We started the Atlantic Road.

As most areas in Norway, we had to go through a tunnel. This was a nice one though, and when we got to the other end we were welcomed with a wonderful welcome!

There was an area to stop to admire the wonderment. Harri and I ran up one of the rocky hills.

We then crossed this unusually shaped bridge. Actually, they have many of these wierdly curved bridges in Norway:)

This is another area we stopped along the way. It was just so amazing that we stayed there for a very long time:) I would definetely recommend this place for tourists in Norway! It was so artictis, and you can stay there in little hut for a day or more. There was also boating trips, and I am sure it would be fairytale like:)

After this venture we drove to Molde, and had a lovely night there.

Now, you are uptodate.



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