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July 6, 2013

Day Five: Norway

5th July 2013

Previously: We had had the best pizza in all of Norway, or the world, I am not sure. It was superb! Better than anything I had ever tasted:) That was a good way to complete the day.

Today I woke up to rain. NO!! We were planning to do more sight seeing:( We were planning to take the car and go to areas aroung Trondheim. After breakfast we went to the information center and found that the recommended attraction to go was 2 hours out of Trondheim! I did think that was a very long time, but didn't say anything. What the child:)) So, that is where we headed out for:) Oh, and with other places in mind..

That was a some-what mistake! The trip to the place outside Trondheim took more than that. It was because of a million mountains we had to swerve around. There was a few tunnels, but only a few. It was really pretty though. It was good to see the scenery, and it was more in land, as we will be taking routes that are closer to the border to see the fjords later.

We stopped along the way, as it was the only place to stop:DD We were looking for any signs to a cafe, but there were only a few grocery stores. We stopped at one when our stomachs were telling us we needed some nourishment. Amazingly there was an oven there, and there was some buns in the oven that were almost ready, so we waited for them. They were delish:)

Finally, two years later:)), we arrived at Roros. hehe. It was an extraordinary sight to see! It was just like an old village you see in movies, with the peeling paint and mining area. As I said before, Norway has many houses with grass on the roof. This place is further proof of this observation!

The attraction we had come to see was a mining museum. That is where we went firstly, which was lucky because it was raining cats and dogs. That way, we were hoping, the rain would die off when we had finished at the museum. That is how it usually works for us anywayz:)

The museum held many cute diharamas of mining and how the Norweigans advanced to using electricity to move coal from below the ground to above. It was very cute, and there was actually some original platforms from the 1700s. I was pretty amazed myself when I found what looked like the cart that they must have used to bring the coal up from the mines:0 That made me very happy with myself. hehe.

We then walked around the town for a while, and began our huge journey to get back to Trondheim.

Had to stop along the way to admire the scenery. Haha, just kidding.. We had to stretch our legs. I mean, the view was amazing too:))

Now, you are uptodate. Tomorrow from Trondheim to Molde!

Good evening everyone!



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