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July 4, 2013

Norway Trip: Day Two Sweden

2nd July 2013

Previously: Last night the town was so swedish that I thought I would see Pippi Longstockings jump out and flag us down. Picturesque. We then found the cute BnB, and followed the instructions to find the key and the room. We had to make the bunks, since it was not *****. As mummu said, "You get what you pay for." I think everyone one of us slept smoothly right till morning:)

This morning we had an awesome breakfast! The guy who owned the BnB had set out muesli and a variety of cheeses, jams, fruit, bread and good old orange juice on a bench for us. He even helped us find accomodation for tonight. Yes... We hadn't got that far yet...

We then went for a tour of the town. We parked in the center of Umea, and walked down through this glorious mall outside full of bikes;)


Stieg Larsson, a famous swedish author, writes novels based around Umea. This is the iconic area, and this is some kind of marking of his... I am not completely sure. Anywayz, it looked so cute, being in the middle of the town, and so Harri just had to rest in there.

The red hall. I am note sure about that though. Harri was the tour guide:)

Left Umea for Bjurholm, where there was an Elk farm. However, the weather was not permitting. Rainy, and wet... Yet, we still saw the elk through a fence:) the scenery was amazing! So, it was not a trip uncalledfor:) The people from Bjurholm believe that it is the most scenic place in Norway, and it was true for me at the time... But now I know better:) Mwhaha.

We then stopped at a little road house to get these ginger bread cookies that the person at the info place in Bjurholm recommended. They were pretty good:)

These mountains were called skull mountains, according to Mummu anyway... I was too busy being the paparatzi of this mountain to notice:) Oh, and the silly window got in the way of all of shots! Grr.

After 2 and a half hours of driving we found the cosiest bnb just off the highway. It is amazing! Looking forward to an early night:)

The manager of the bnb suggested that we take a scenic route to the coast of Sweden, which we did do. I am so glad I did not give into my draining self and lie in front of the tv while drinking tea, calming tea!

Pappa, Harri and I decided to go, because we wanted to make the most of being here. The BEST idea! It was super awesomely fantabulous! Wow!


We then found the place the guy suggested.

We took a billion pictures!

This area is called the highlands, and this is apparently because the land goes upwards towards the sea. According to the manager of the bnb, the two tectonic plates of Finland and Sweden grind together and push both upwards. That is why there are pieces of rock piled on top of eachother.

After we had amazed ourselves from this amazement, we ventured back to our bnb. Harri and I were quite hungry, and so we had some Thai food at this scrumdidliumptious Thai restaurant a bunny hop away from the place we are staying.

Now you are up to date!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a sunny, hot day. I am sure Mummu would love that! Hehe.



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